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Testosterone BoosterIf you have considered taking a testosterone booster, it is important to, first, determine if you are actually suffering from low testosterone levels. Taking a testosterone booster or non-prescribed testosterone injections to treat symptoms you believe are related to male menopause can be dangerous and negatively impact your overall health if you do not, in fact, have decreased testosterone levels, and even when low testosterone levels are confirmed by a health professional, hormone treatments of any kind should be closely monitored by a reputable and experienced physician.

K3 Neuroscience and Optimized Wellness is comprised of highly skilled physicians and neurosurgeons who are experts in treating the symptoms of male menopause. Also known as andropause, male menopause is often a natural result of the aging process and can cause a wide variety of uncomfortable symptoms including hair loss, decreased libido, erectile dysfunction, insomnia, weight gain, decreased muscle mass, muscle weakness and much more. By choosing our medical team to oversee your hormone therapy, you can ensure you are treating your andropausal symptoms safely and efficiently.

While we don’t recommend relying on the use of a testosterone booster or other nutritional supplements to stabilize your hormones, we do have an assortment of other modern and effective treatment options that have successfully decreased or eliminated the symptoms of andropause in hundreds of patients throughout the Tampa Bay area and beyond. Treatment options include:

  • Transdermal Testosterone Cream: Applied daily, testosterone creams can be formulated with varying strengths allowing us to customize the treatment to each individual patient’s needs.
  • Testosterone Cypionate: Administered 1-2 times per week, this injectable testosterone replacement therapy provides longer-lasting effects than those provided by topical creams.
  • Testosterone Tri-Blend: Another injectable treatment option, testosterone tri-blend utilizes a unique testosterone combination to provide patients with both the short and long term effects that can be found in other treatments.

If you have been considering a testosterone booster to treat your symptoms of low testosterone, contact K3 Neuroscience and Optimized Wellness today to schedule a free consultation.


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